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How it all started

Welcome to our world of chocolate, where each bite is a journey of indulgence and ethical responsibility, crafted with care to delight both your palate and conscience. 

Sandra Bolland
CEO, Director

Experience the rich flavors and the heartfelt commitment behind every cocoa bean, as we invite you to savor the sweetness with a touch of social and environmental consciousness.

Funky Chocolate Club first opened in November 2014 by Tatiana.
Her love and passion for chocolate and dream of starting her own business led her to this crazy idea
– to open a meeting point for all chocolate lovers,
–  to share secrets of swiss chocolate with travelers
from all over the world.

In 2021 Sandy and Brad took over and combined their strengths and dedication to expand to a bigger location, offering not just chocolate but much more!

Sandy’s excellent business sense and curiosity of chocolate and Brad’s enthusiasm
and energy have proven to be a successful formula for a joint vibrant location which offers something for everyone.

We Love Chocolate!


The embodiment of culinary fantasies

Unique flavors

Sustainable Chocolate

In today's world, there's a growing curiosity surrounding the chocolate we consume—its origins, production methods, and impact on local communities and the environment. At Funky Chocolate Club, we view this narrative as pivotal, emphasizing the importance of understanding the journey of each cocoa bean.

Delight in chocolate transcends mere flavor—it encompasses a commitment to integrity beyond taste alone. It's more than just premium ingredients and exquisite presentation.
We firmly believe that genuine enjoyment of chocolate stems from the assurance that its creation and sourcing align with principles of fairness, responsibility, and sustainability, benefiting both farmers and the local ecosystem


Definitely a must place to eat in Interlaken! As someone who loves chocolate, this place is a heaven.
As it was November, I already could feel the Christmas ambience.
The chocolate fondue was so so good. I love how it matched with fruits and pretzel yummm

Merinda Khoe

Local Guide

We came here for dessert on out last night in Interlarken.

They have a detailed menu and a couple of cakes plus strawberries in the cabinet.

Our son had waffles which he enjoyed, hubby had a torte and I had the strawberries with melted chocolate. Plus we had hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

I personally think I had the best one as the strawberries were devine.

Overall we enjoyed our dessert.

Sarah Petry

Local Guide
Postgasse 10
3800 Interlaken

(+41) 079 108 92 47

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