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What we do

The Meeting Place for All Chocolate Lovers.

Our passion for chocolate and our love for Switzerland led us to open the Funky Chocolate Club!

Come and try out our famous fresh cut strawberries covered in melted Swiss
chocolate or treat yourself to a Marlenka cake or cheesecake combined with our secret hot chocolate recipe.

We support locally sourced artisans who provide us with chocolate treats that fill
our shelves.

The chocolates we sell in the shop are mostly from Fair Trade and Organic certified producers.

You will also find vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free or nut-free varieties.

Take your time when you visit. Discover all the funky, quirky chocolates in all imaginable flavours, shapes and patterns.

We are a fun and casual café for anyone wishing to have a chocoholic experience.

Chocolate PAradise

Awaken your senses with our chocolate

Funky Chocolate Club is our dream come true – and yes, we still eat lots of chocolate ourselves.
Please visit us and let’s get #chocolatewasted together!


How to learn to love chocolate even more. Our workshops are all you can eat so besure to come with an empty stomach!
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We will teach you the process called “tempering the chocolate”. It is a process in which the chocolate is first cooled, causing the fatty acid crystals blah, blah blah.... Too much jargon? No worries, we explain everything in the workshop.
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Whether you like to keep your chocolate bars simply covered with candy or exploreyour creative side by writing things like “R.I.P.Diet” , this is a fun hands on workshop!It’s your masterpiece!
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we are funky chocolate club

Experience the luxurious flavor

Indulge in the inspiring flavors of our mouth-watering chocolate bars and pralines, from our own creations to Swiss artisanal chocolatiers.

Handcrafted excellence and unparalleled flavor

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Coconut fantasy
Caramel flirt
Tender kiss
Nutty mix
Crispy delight
Postgasse 10
3800 Interlaken

(+41) 079 108 92 47

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